With over 20 years experience, and with the added value of working internationally, Tim believes that design is an art-form of listening, problem-solving, and an expression of imagination.  His focus is design that benefits community and the universal need to connect people to nature. Tim has extensive experience in Multifamily projects, Creative Office Environments, and Healthcare facilities.

Timothy Grubbs


Scott has successfully led numerous projects from concept to construction in over 20 years in the profession. His technical knowledge in the industry makes him a valuable member of any project team. He also utilizes that technical experience to partner with other organizations in the long term management of their properties. Scott works beyond the walls of SHA with other Landscape Architecture teams to mentor staff and provide oversight consultation.  His design approach is partnering a client's concept with his design and technical expertise to transform their vision into reality. ​​

Throughout his career, Ben has focused on providing design and management expertise on projects of considerable challenge, complexity and design intensity. Ben’s project experience includes theme parks, master planning, mixed use podium developments, parks, urban design, waterfronts, and estate residential design, with a particular focus in Creative Office and Higher Education Campus design. He excels at creating special and lasting relationships with the client and consultant group, resulting in a streamlined work flow and very efficient level of communication.

Scott Horsley


SHA formed out of a desire to collaborate with others- a process where a collective vision is discovered and implemented by pulling from the best of everyone. As an integral member of the project team we bring decades of combined technical and design experience in the field of Landscape Architecture. The best projects come from teams with a strong collective vision and a collaborative approach. 

Locally, we believe in supporting the community where we live and work. We strive to bring positive change to the communities we design for, as they can connect people, cultures, and the environment. At the global level, we seek to be better residents of the world through protecting our environment and natural resources.

We want to make places better. Better for people, better for communities, and better for the environment.

Ben McCoy